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TFM-28 Postponed

We are sorry to announce that, as a result of restrictions on federal travel spending, TFM-28 will be postponed indefinitely.

In the meantime we will continue to offer college accredited stand-alone courses throughout the year. Please check this website for updates or contact WI to subscribe to our mailing list.

The data collection and analysis courses and the GPS/GIS course will be offered as scheduled (see announcement and registration information below).


New Online: Module III

Module III, Financial Forest Administration

JAN 6—MARCH 14, 2014


Lead Instructor: Bob Loveless

Students study the application of microeconomics to fire management, including price theory, budgeting and theory of the firm. They learn and then apply elements of financial analysis to fire management problems, including compounding, discounting, and time preference for money. They learn and apply decision theory, optimization techniques and statistical analysis to various financial problems in fire management.



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